You can order the " get started" package by sending an email to [email protected], doing so will put you in contact with one of our GDPR consultants (or myself), who will assist you with getting started with the data mapping through the ComplyTo wizard. We will meet with you at your or our offices depending on your choice. 

In addition to assistance with the wizard you have the opportunity to directly discuss your company's GDPR challenges and how to document this on the platform with us.

This will take approx. 2 hours. If your company is situated outside the greater Copenhagen areas we reserve the right to invoice you separately for travel costs. We will obviously discuss this with you before any costs are incurred.

After one or two months on the platform we will perform a follow-up call and go through any questions, challenges or issues that you have encountered during the first months on the platform (30-60 minutes)

During the first 2 months you will have access to extended support. During these 2 months you can post questions directly to your consultant by email, call them directly or engage with your consultant via the chat (up to a total time spend of 2 hours).

If needed you can off course buy additional hours, so we can ensure that everything on your privacy data mapped and the system is fully setup with our assistance - just ask us for a price.

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