We have 3 different subscriptions: Small, Medium and Large. 

Small is perfect for small companies with a limited number of processes and where you don't need to involve others than yourself in the GDPR compliance work

Medium is our most popular package for small and medium size companies. You can support up to 7 processes and have multiple users (3 out of the box and you can purchase additional users as needed). This allows you to involve the relevant persons in the compliance work and use the workflow functionality to stay in control and manage it.

Large is for more complex companies with several processes and a large group of employees involved in performing the GDPR compliance.

Both the medium and large subscription, allows you to purchase additional storage space and users. You also have the possibility to buy the "get started" package, by sending an mail to [email protected], which will give you personal and hands on assistance from us with setting everything up and discuss the GDPR challenges your company faces.

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