If you have chosen the medium or large subscription you can add aditional users.
You add aditional users by going into "user management", user management if found in the administration menu in the top right corner (click on your initials).

You can add as many users as your subscription allows (if you wanna add additional users you purchase additional user access in the "subscription plans" menu)

When adding users you can choose if the user should have "administrator" rights or "performer & reviewer" rights. As administrator the user can add risks, tasks and in general manage your GDPR program, policies and data processor agreements as well as update the GDPR wizard. A performer & reviewer access only gives the user the ability to perform tasks (assigned by an administrator) and review any task performed.

When you add additional users, we will send an automated invitation to the user's email address, where the user is asked to sign up under your company account. The user is also given the company number so by using the company number, his emailadresse and the password he has made, he can asses your company data.

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