So you created your GDPR program and now realize that your forgot some data that you are managing,  you may have gotten an entire new IT system or something else with relevans for your GDPR compliance has happened.

Currently as an administrator you can go back to the wizard and add/remove the additional information - easy. HOWEVER to implement these new data in your GDPR program you need to re-generate the GDPR program. This means that your GDPR program policies, data processor agreements as well as suggested and any tasks not already finalized, will be reset.

Policy documents or data processor documents uploaded to the platform will remain, but the automated documents will be updated based on the new information, and any information you have added to these documents will be deleted.

Finalized tasks are still saved, but the suggested and scheduled tasks are replaced with risks and tasks as per the changed information (and any risks or tasks you have created will be deleted.)

We therefore advise you to carefully review your wizard data before you create too many own controls, changes to policies or processor agreements. That way you can run new GDPR programs without the risk of loosing data

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