To make it easier (for you and ourself) to identify, differentiate and create an overview over who you collect personal data from, we make use of what we call persontypes. 

The person types should be a group of similar individuals, who you keep similar personal data about. This could e.g. be customers, however if you the information you collect differentiate, whether the customer is a private or business customer, it makes more sense for you to split customers into business customers and private customer.

To make it easier for you we have identify your persontypes we have created a list of common person types in the wizard. However if you think that a different persontype better fits the type of persons you collect data about, we urge you to create your own type.

You can always go back and change or create new persontypes, however do note that doing so will, reset a majority of the information you have added to the wizard. For more information press the button below:

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