Rome was not build in a day. Neither is a compliance platform unfortunately :-) 

As you can see on the platform, there are some features, we have not yet activated, as we are still building and testing these.

But don't worry there is still some days until May 25, 2018 where GDPR should be fully implemented. Right now you can map your use of personal data, create your privacy policies for each process as well as get your data processor agreements done.  We will also create tasks for you to perform, in order to be compliant, and to monitor the compliance of these on an ongoing basis (and we will make more of these tasks and controls as the rules, laws and guidance evolves over time).

These functions will get you a long way towards compliance, but some of the things on our plate in the coming months are to give you the ability to manage additional risks, manage data breaches and assess potential data breaches, manage changes in your use of personal data (including DPIA - Data processing impact assessments) and more. If you subscribe to our services we will keep you updated on these new functions and when they become available.

During spring 2018 we will launch the DPIA flow. This flow will allow you to change, add or correct any information in your wizard, and will mean that you avoid the downsides of creating a new GDRP program.

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