In the User Management menu, which is accesed by pressing your initials in the top right corner, you can as the account owner add more users by pressing the green "add new button" button. 

An account can only have as many users as your subscription allows; small 1, medium 3 and large 10. While testing our system however, you can add as many users as you wish, do however note that doing so will disable you from making an subscription, that allows for fewer users than those you have added. Have you e g. added an ekstra user you make an small subscription since it only allows for a single user.

When you press the green "add new button" you will be asked to fill in a few informations about the new user, here you can also add what role the new user shall fulfill e g. if you want the new user to be an administrator, account owner or simply a perform reviewer.

As an administrator, one can use the GDPR system in it's entirety; add risks, tasks, manage the GDPR program (update the wizard) and change who has been given which assignment and approval. "Performs and approves" permissions allow the users to perform and approve tasks performed by others.

When you have written the necessary information and pressed save, the new user will be sent a mail containing your corporate number and they will then be able to make their own password, which they can use together with their email address to access your company account. The password they make will not affect your password, it will simply be the password they use to access the GDPR system you have created on ComplyTo.

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